Georgina Lenster, “George” to her friends and relatives is a bilingual in English and French since she was born in Paris, France before her whole family flew in North Carolina before she turned 18. She earned a degree in Accountancy and Law in the University of North Carolina and she initially worked in three prominent Accounting firms in the state. In 2005, she changed career and she tried her luck in teaching secondary students Mathematics specifically geometry and Algebra.

She enjoyed her career path as a Mathematics Teacher not until she got her first broken heart with a man she used to date. She released all the pain through writing and there she was able to improve her writing bug. In 2010, she released her debut novelette called “Yes to Letting Go” which mainly talks about how to cope up with heart breaks, breaking up and of course, letting a lover let go. These were all obviously educed from her own ordeals which made the book a lot better and much more real according to the readers.

Vanessa found out that her true passion is writing and when she learned about it, she has used it to explore her imagination. At first, writing was her only aperture to forget all the pain her first man have brought to her but then after coping up and finally moved on, she realized that her books became her outlet when she wants to escape from her everyday life. Now, she writes when she feels in pain and she still writes when she’s elated with happy and grateful thoughts.

When she is not writing, she is volunteering as a Teacher for the kids in various orphanages in the country side and even in the city. She found it fulfilling when can share her knowledge with less fortunate kids whom are not blessed to experience school. Apart from that, she also manages different fund-raising campaigns for the benefits of these institutions caring for kids and for homeless individuals. A part of the sales of her books are actually donated to them as well. She also travels when she wants to find new exaltations that she can broadly use in writing new books and articles – solely for the cause of helping others both emotionally and financially.