Tips For Presenting Design Work During An Interview

CSUN graduate, Spencer Foster, has his motion design reel and portfolio critiqued by Chris Do. Get tips on how to present student design work during an interview. Playing to your strengths and goals (2d animation vs 3d animation). Typographic gotchas.

Spencer Foster Portfolio:


0:25 Meet Spencer Foster
0:38 Spencer’s Motion Design Portfolio Critique
1:28 Tips on presenting your design work – Be clear about what you do and provide context to work.
2:15 Soccer Piece Critique – Exceeding the benchmarks
2:46 Student work vs professional work – not designed in abstract
3:17 Use animation to emphasize a part of a story
3:35 As a motion designer, what type of content can help my portfolio
4:28 Keep your type simple and easy to understand.
5:06 Do work that looks like professional work
5:28 Recap – Narrowing Spencer’s focus

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Essential reading/book list from Chris Do.

Stop Stealing Sheep & Find Out How Type Works, Third Edition

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